Quarta-feira, 23 de Abril de 2008

descrições dos episódios 14 , 15 , 16

Descrição do episódio Long-Distance Caller  :

Dean is stunned after he receives a phone call from his dad (guest star Jeffrey Dean Morgan) who tells him he has a solution to get Dean out of his deal. Sam and Dean fight because Sam is skeptical that it is really John on the other end of the phone and warns Dean not to listen to him but Dean disagrees and sets off on his own path to follow his father's orders.

creditos : The CW

descrição do episódio : Time Is On My Side

As time runs out for Dean, Sam convinces him to head to Eerie, Pennsylvania to investigate a possible zombie case. Instead, they discover Doc Benton (guest star Billy Drago), a real-life doctor who, in 1816, abandoned his medical practice to follow his obsession with finding the key to eternal life by drugging people and stealing their vital organs. Meanwhile, Bobby finds out where Bela is hiding, and Dean heads out to confront her, leaving Sam behind to deal with the good doctor. Dean and Bela battle it out for the last time, and Dean leaves Bela in a desperate, and possibly fatal, position.

creditos : The CW

Descrição do episódio : No Quarter

Lilith, Sam's demonic rival from "Jus in Bello", reappears and again possesses the body of a young girl. The terrified family is tortured and telekineticly killed one by one... but not before she celebrates her birthday everyday, complete with cake. To save the surviving family members, Dean takes drastic action.

creditos : SpoilerFix.com

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Quarta-feira, 23 de Janeiro de 2008

Dream a Little Dream of Me

No site CW fala sobre este episódio 10 k se chama : Dream A Little Dream Of Mee diz o seguinte  :

foto de sobrenatural_rul em 16-01-2008

Sam and Dean race to Bobby's (guest star Jim Beaver) side after he lapses into a coma and can't be awakened. While unconscious, Bobby battles his personal demons and the reason he became a hunter is revealed. Sam and Dean discover someone poisoned Bobby with a potion that will kill him if he doesn't wake soon. When the brothers decide to take the potion themselves to enter Bobby's dream in order to save him, they come face to face with their own personal nightmares.

Créditos :The CW

E tb no site imdb tem 1 descrição do episódio 'Dream a Little Dream Of Me' onde diz k Bobby  está em coma .

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Domingo, 16 de Setembro de 2007

Entervistas aos actores jensen e samantha

O  site The CW Source  em k o actor Jensen Ackles esta numa entevista  .

Para verem a 1 parte e so clicarem no link :




E outra entrevista mas desta vez com a actriz Samantha Ferris k fala sobre a nova temporada da serie e tb sobre novos  spoilers .

Para mais informações cliquem no link:


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Mais spoilers da 3 temporada

O site BuddyTV fala sobre a serie “Supernatural” com retratos e com novos spoilers.

aqui vos deixo as fotos

se quiserem ler e so carregarem no link: http://www.buddytv.com/articles/supernatural/supernatural-premiere-sneak-pr-10809.aspx


bjx a tds

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Sábado, 8 de Setembro de 2007

TV Guide

O site TV Guide tem a Fall Preview 2007 Returning Shows onde falam sobre a serie supernatural

Lá diz o seguinte:

Premiere: Thursday, October 4, 9 pm, CW
Where we left off: To bring Sam (Jared Padalecki) back from the dead, his big bro Dean (Jensen Ackles) made a deal with a demon: He will die after one year. The Winchester boys finally killed the Yellow-Eyed Demon who offed their parents, but in the process a portal to Hell opened and unleashed enough evil entities to keep the crimefighters busy — for at least another season.
What's next: Fans have worried that adding two recurring female characters means romance, but not to worry. "We have created two exceptional, intriguing violent characters who are going to be tough and make the guys’ lives really difficult," Kripke reveals.

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Quarta-feira, 5 de Setembro de 2007

Novas personagens Bela e Ruby

Michael Ausiello do site TV Guide fala esta semana sobre a serie supernatural.

Ele fala tb sobre as novas personagens Bela  e Ruby mas concretamentes as actrizes Katie Cassidy e Lauren Cohan.

Supernatural's Katie Cassidy & Lauren Cohan courtesy Warner Bros. Worldwide Television

Para saberes mais e so clicar  HERE para leres a coluna inteira.

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