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Supernatural 3:14 : First Look

o site tem a descrição do episódio :


In “Long Distance Call,” Sam & Dean investigate a seemingly inexplicable case involving people who are receiving contact from loved ones who have died, often inciting them to do terrible things.  This hits home when Dean suddenly begins getting calls from his deceased dad John (guest star Jeffrey Dean Morgan), who has some very interesting information to tell him.  The episode was written by Jeremy Carver and directed by Robert Singer.


E podem tb la ver os prmeiros videos deste episódio


Para verem : http://www.sfuniverse.com/2008/04/25/supernatural-314-first-look/

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trailer do episódio 14 k se chama : Long Distance Caller

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Sexta-feira, 25 de Abril de 2008

Supernatural - Long-Distance Caller Promo

Aqui fica o promo do episódio : Long-Distance Caller

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Quarta-feira, 23 de Abril de 2008

descrições dos episódios 14 , 15 , 16

Descrição do episódio Long-Distance Caller  :

Dean is stunned after he receives a phone call from his dad (guest star Jeffrey Dean Morgan) who tells him he has a solution to get Dean out of his deal. Sam and Dean fight because Sam is skeptical that it is really John on the other end of the phone and warns Dean not to listen to him but Dean disagrees and sets off on his own path to follow his father's orders.

creditos : The CW

descrição do episódio : Time Is On My Side

As time runs out for Dean, Sam convinces him to head to Eerie, Pennsylvania to investigate a possible zombie case. Instead, they discover Doc Benton (guest star Billy Drago), a real-life doctor who, in 1816, abandoned his medical practice to follow his obsession with finding the key to eternal life by drugging people and stealing their vital organs. Meanwhile, Bobby finds out where Bela is hiding, and Dean heads out to confront her, leaving Sam behind to deal with the good doctor. Dean and Bela battle it out for the last time, and Dean leaves Bela in a desperate, and possibly fatal, position.

creditos : The CW

Descrição do episódio : No Quarter

Lilith, Sam's demonic rival from "Jus in Bello", reappears and again possesses the body of a young girl. The terrified family is tortured and telekineticly killed one by one... but not before she celebrates her birthday everyday, complete with cake. To save the surviving family members, Dean takes drastic action.

creditos : SpoilerFix.com

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Terça-feira, 8 de Abril de 2008

Exclusive Video Interview: Jensen Ackles Answers Fan Questions

Quando BuddyTV visitou o  set of Supernatural eles estavam filmando cenas, a partir do segundo episódio de “Long Distance Call.”

Vai ser um episódio emocionalmente pesado para Dean como o negócio.

Jensen ackles  afirma k o episódio  é um dos maiores, senão o maior, que alguma vez filmou.

Durante uma pausa, Jensen foi  falar com BuddyTV.

Para verem a entrevista exclusiva vão ao link : Exclusive Video Interview: Jensen Ackles Answers Fan Questions

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Quinta-feira, 27 de Março de 2008

'Supernatural' Spoilers for Remainder of Season 3

O site buddytv tem spoilers sobre os novos episódios da 3 temporada.

Fala no 13 - "Ghostfacers" ; 14 - "Long-Distance Caller" e 15.

Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles

Episode 3.13 - "Ghostfacers" - Airing April 24

The Winchesters reunite with the wannabe hunters from season 1's "Hell House" in this lighthearted episode.  This installment was filmed in a documentary style and will play out like the actual pilot episode of  the Ghostfacers! TV show.  It's completely self-enclosed and breezes past all of the mythology set up in "Jus in Bello."

Para lerem mais : http://www.buddytv.com/articles/supernatural/supernatural-episode-310-spoil-14245.aspx

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Terça-feira, 25 de Março de 2008

Descrições dos episódios 13 , 14 e 15

Descrição do episódio 13 da 3 temporada k se chama : Ghostfacers

The Supernatural boys are venturing into reality...television. "We're coming back with a reality show version of Supernatural," says creator Eric Kripke. "It's sort of our loving tribute to Ghost Hunters. People will either congratulate us or think we're totally effing insane."

creditos : Entertainment Weekly

Descrição do episódio 14 da 3 temporada k se chama : Long-Distance Caller

 The second episode will return to normal - at least as normal as Supernatural gets - with Sam and Dean visiting a town haunted by phone calls from dead loved ones.

creditos : Entertainment Weekly

Sam and Dean hunt a Crocotta, its goal is to get people to kill themselves and then take their souls. To do so, it communicates via phone and computer as a dead loved one. Dean gets information on the demon holding the contract on his soul from a seemingly unlikely source. While Sam goes to confront the Crocotta, Dean unknowingly prepares to ambush an innocent victim.

creditos : SpoilerFix.com

Descrição do episódio 15 da 3 temporada k inda não tem nome

Aqui fica a descrição :

"We're gonna charge full-steam into Dean's deal with the devil, because his soul is coming up due," [reveals Eric Kripe.] Adds Padalecki: "Sam is trying new and different methods to try and save Dean. In the third episode I think we have a week left of Dean's life, and we're sprinting to the finish line to beat this deal that's closing in."

creditos : Entertainment Weekly

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