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Bedtime Stories: Once Upon a Time ...


Episode Summary

Against the backdrop of a Maple Springs, NY housing development billboard proclaiming that once upon a time, all houses were built this well, three brothers arguing about the quality and durability of their various building materials were attacked by a vicious thing out of the dark, and only one, cowering back against a stack of cinder blocks, survived.

En route to the scene, the Winchester brothers engaged in a shouting match in the Impala, with Sam advocating using the rebuilt Colt as leverage to force the Crossroads Demon to release Dean from his deal, and Dean refusing even to consider the idea for fear the attempt might trigger the “no escape” clause in his contract and kill Sam. Ultimately, Dean flatly refused to have that conversation and Sam subsided into sulky silence until Dean prodded him into talking about the reported psychotic killer and whether it might be a werewolf. The lunar cycle was right, but the surviving brother described an ordinary human attacker with a tattoo of Wile E. Coyote on his arm, and the doctor’s report on the dead men’s wounds didn’t match the werewolf pattern of taking hearts.

While the Winchesters were investigating that incident, a brother and sister, lost hiking in the woods, found the house of an elderly lady who invited them in, fed them a drugged pie, and killed the brother. The surviving sister, less drugged, managed to fight back, shoving the woman, who fell against the corner of the stove and died. Hearing the survivor’s story, Sam recognized a pattern of fairy tales: Hansel and Gretel for the brother and sister, and the three little pigs for the brothers attacked by the wolf. The sister also gave them the first clue to a supernatural cause, reporting having seen a pale, pretty, black-haired girl of about eight who had watched the horror through the window and then vanished. Checking the house, the brothers found no sign of demons, but definite EMF evidence that a spirit had stood outside the window.

Back in town, a pumpkin on a porch a bit early for Halloween caught Sam’s eye, and combined with the mice scurrying around it, conjured images of Cinderella. Breaking into the house, the boys found a bruised and bloodied girl handcuffed in the kitchen, who reported that her stepmother had gone nuts and beaten her. Dean looked up to see the little girl the sister had described watching them, and followed her through the house until she vanished, leaving a red apple behind, when he asked her who she was.

Realizing that their spirit was appearing as Snow White, the boys looked for a comatose little girl, but found a young woman instead: Callie, the doctor’s daughter, who had been poisoned by her stepmother with bleach at the age of eight and lingered in a coma ever since, with no one realizing that her poisoning hadn’t been an accident. The brothers realized that Callie had gradually become an angry spirit frustrated in her attempts to make her father realize the truth, and that she was striking out for attention by making innocent people reenact the Grimm’s fairy tale stories that her father read aloud to her. Putting together the latest attack – an elderly woman found savagely beaten and mauled by the roadside – with the current story being that of Little Red Riding Hood, Dean guessed that the “big, bad wolf” was going after the woman’s granddaughter. Dean went to the grandmother’s house to stop the wolf while Sam approached the doctor, trying to make him understand what was going on and find a way to persuade Callie to stop what she was doing.

At the house, Dean found the terrified little girl, who’d been picked up from school in her grandmother’s van by the man with the Wile E. Coyote tattoo, and wound up in a brutal fight. Having lost his gun, he eventually grabbed the only weapon available – a pair of scissors, exactly the weapon used by the huntsman in the tale. Callie’s spirit simply watched the fight. Meanwhile, Sam, with no time or ability to come up with a reasonable cover story, told the doctor the unvarnished truth, expecting to be dismissed as insane. Instead, he found a man disposed to believe, because he had seen the apparition of his daughter and simply refused to acknowledge her as real. Persuaded by Sam that he needed to listen to her and let her know she’d been heard, he started talking to her, and she withdrew her attention from the fight to attend to him. He assured her that he knew the truth, and he told her tearfully that it was time for her to move on, time for him to let her go. With a last kiss from her father, the girl flatlined – and the snarling wolfman Dean had been about to kill suddenly became nothing more than a terrified and disoriented man with no memory of what he had done.

At night, with Dean sound asleep, Sam snuck out of the motel room, went to a crossroads, and summoned the Crossroads Demon. He threatened her with the Colt, but she didn’t believe the threat. The Demon taunted Sam with not really wanting to free Dean, slyly claiming that he would actually be secretly relieved to be freed of Dean’s sloppiness, bossiness, weakness, and needs, and dismissed Sam’s protestations to the contrary as nothing more than going through the motions. She also maintained that she couldn’t break Dean’s deal even if she wanted to, because someone much more powerful – someone she couldn’t name – actually held Dean’s contract and wanted his soul far too badly to let him go.

And Sam shot her in the head.

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