Question: I must say I got quite the chuckle out of "Ausholes" in last week's AA. Truly a classic. Now, how about some more scoop on Supernatural, without a doubt the most satisfying of all my favorite shows last season? — John
Ausiello: I can't really take credit for "Ausholes": One of my readers came up with that. What I can take credit for is having the smarts to steal it and pass it off as my own. On the Supernatural front, the show just put out a casting notice for a thirtysomething vampire who "habitually picks up young women in bars and 'turns' them into vampires by having them drink blood. Despite his outward cruelty and vampire super-strength, Dixon is actually a vulnerable, grief-stricken man who can't face eternity alone and is desperately trying to reconstruct a vampire family."
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